Pursuit Distilling Co. produces several brands of spirits, including Suspect Flavored Whiskey, Eternal Fire Vodka, and of course other Pursuit products will be coming soon.




Most whiskeys take a long time to make, allegedly. Not Suspect. Suspect starts out like most whiskeys but ends up in your glass, instead of a warehouse. That’s because we distill our whiskey with impatience. After all, we make it to drink it. And since the best things in life don’t taste like wood, we infuse Suspect with fruit flavors and other real ingredients that don’t taste like trees. If you crave the new, pour yourself a glass. You’ll love it. TRUST US


Eternal Fire


There is a light that never goes out. Eternal Fire vodka is crafted in the spirit of the inner flame that guides our journey – of family, integrity and discovery. We mindfully coax our vodka from 100% red wheat grown by a sixth-generation farm in nearby Walla Walla, Washington. Crisp, smooth, and refreshing. Eternal Fire vodka is distilled under the watchful gaze of Mount Rainier. We are proud to share the fruits of our labor along your path.





You make the decisions that define the character of your whiskey, including who gets to try it.



The Pursuit Barrel Club is your chance to have your very own whiskey.  More than just putting your name on a barrel, members of the Barrel Club participate in the process itself. We distill it to the proof you select, store it in your very own new oak barrel and age it for as long as you decide.  Of course feel free to visit as often as you want and sample the progress on the road to perfection. When it’s ready, we will bottle it and you’ll be the proud owner of about 26 bottles of your whiskey to distribute as you choose.



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We are constantly experimenting and coming up with new pursuits. Sometimes these are just for ourselves, but every now and then we create products and collaborations that deserve to be enjoyed by others. We are happy to share these limited releases now and then in our tasting room.