Pursuit has a tasting room waiting for you. Here you can sample all our products and bring home a bottle or two. Our tasting room is also the only place to find our limited edition projects.


2321 Cole St.
Suite 102
Enumclaw, WA 98022


Monday to Wednesday from 1-5pm

Thursday to Saturday from 1-7pm and also by appointment. Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events.



Through the window in the back of our tasting room in Enumclaw, Washington you will inevitably glimpse the stainless steel and copper of our continuous still gleaming beautifully. Impressive as it may appear, we don’t consider our still a feat of engineering, but a part of our family. Our still is one of a kind in the Northwest. It’s a living, breathing part of our pursuit with a personality of its own. So we treat it nicely,  listen to it carefully, and work together to master beautiful spirits that reflect our patient insistence on perfection. It might be a little weird to care as much about a still as we do, but it’s true.  If you come to visit us, we’d be happy to introduce you.