We all have dreams. Ours just happens to be life, liberty, and the pursuit of bringing people together for good times.



As descendants of a NW timber family, we have our roots in great pursuits and see the world with patience and long-term thinking. Pursuit is not just our brand, but our ideology. We hope to leave a legacy of high quality spirits, live out our dreams and support yours along the way.

Sam 1.jpg

Sam Agnew

Owner / Executive Officer

The first thing most people notice about Sam is his earnest enthusiasm and passion. This makes sense when you understand his experience as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Along with his natural leadership Sam brings some fiscal responsibility to all the fun that comes with living out your dreams. He has over 10 years overseeing and managing the financial performance of a commercial real estate portfolio and a PNW timber portfolio. As a founder and executive officer, Sam oversees the strategy, vision and handshakes at Pursuit. Sam is a graduate from the University of Kansas where in addition to being exposed to some above average basketball games, he met his wife.


Chris Werner

Owner / Marketing & Sales

Most of us here are easy to talk to, however Chris raises the bar bringing a natural polish to our operation. Well, that and he has a good relationship with numbers. Chris is one of our Pursuit founders and heads up the marketing and sales side of the operation. In this capacity he is responsible for Pursuit marketing initiatives and sales. He also chimes in eloquently on the overall vision and strategy for brand development.  He is actually partially responsible for why you are reading these words now. Weird, right? Chris brings a broad perspective of financial planning and investment management experience to Pursuit. Chris began his career in finance in 2001, working as an investment advisor and has served as the Managing Director of his firm since its inception in 2007. This is more fun.

Kyle TIpton - Pursuit .jpg

Kyle Tipton

Sales Manager  - Oregon, SW Washington 

If you’ve ever been to a bar, restaurant or liquor store in Oregon or SW Washington you are likely familiar with Kyle’s work.  Kyle has now brought his wisdom here to us at Pursuit and is now expanding our universe by helping to make sure our spirits are always within reach. Kyle is also the only Pursuit employee who was part of the Seahawks. Ok, maybe not on the field but in the office where he found himself with perhaps one of the more enviable high school job anyone can have.  When he is not out in the field, he’s outside living the sporting life.

Becca 1.jpg

Rebecca Hovey

Head Distiller

You may know this, but no matter how amazing our still happens to be, it takes someone special to coax it to produce high quality spirits.  At the heart of our operation is the artistry of Rebecca Hovey our Head Distiller. Rebecca joined the pursuit team in 2016. She works in all areas of distillery operation and maintenance, but most importantly, she poetically oversees the running of the still. And this is not just any still, but a large, dynamic living and breathing entity. She has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of North Dakota, and cannot believe the stroke of luck that landed her a job in the distilling industry.

Tyler 2.jpg

Tyler Teeple

Owner / Operations / Executive Officer

Tyler could be described as a renaissance man whose diverse experiences and skills serve the distillery well. However we think of him more as an instigator of endless ideas.  Before founding Pursuit with the team he flew planes commercially and helped lead his family business in sales and management. His role now as our Operations Officer is focused on creative direction, product development and ingredient procurement. So, just basically like flying a jet, inside a building, upside down.

Erin Hendrix- Pursuit.jpg

Erin Hendrix

Cellar Manager

Erin is our cellar manager. This means she has a very special relationship with all of those beautiful pipes, tanks and various shiny objects that when mastered, produce our prized elixirs. Erin makes sure everything is tuned to perfection.  You also might find her brandishing her distilling skills now and then. It’s quite a responsibility. But Erin is used to that. Like, seriously. She’s been a brewer at places such as Widmer Brothers, worked on a hop farm and also served two tours in Iraq as a Geospatial analyst for the Army. On top of that she’s a native Washingtonian with a bachelors degree in women & gender studies. So, we’re pretty sure that there are very few scenarios Erin can’t handle. And that confidence you’ll taste in every bottle. 


Chris Greene

Owner / Finance & Strategy

If you want to start a distillery named Pursuit, you need a founder named Chris. If you want to start a distillery named Pursuit that’s thriving for the next 100 years or so, you need a second Chris. At least that is what we read in a fortune cookie. Anyway, meet Chris.  If you see Chris in jeans and a t-shirt, understand he’s also wearing a well-tailored imaginary suit. This is the kind of commitment and professionalism you get from him and why he is another owner and founder.  Chris provides financial and strategic advice relating to all pursuits and business development activities.  He advises on growth initiatives, financial projections and capital structure. Prior to founding Pursuit, Chris was an investment banker for 10 years in Minneapolis and Portland, Ore.  As an investment banker, Mr. Greene advised public and private companies on valuation, strategic alternatives, mergers and acquisitions and capital raises and suiting advice.

Cory 3.jpg

Cory Johnson

Delivery Manager / Company Ambassador

There is some fierce debate going on at Pursuit and Cory happens to be at the center of the controversy. You see, the Pursuit team argues they are the lucky ones to have found Cory, while Cory argues he is lucky to have found himself at Pursuit.   While we may never know the answer, chances are you will get to know Cory on your visit. Cory mans the Tasting Room with a gentleman’s hospitality and a lifelong Mariner’s fan level of positive energy. He also happens to be a local so he is more helpful than the Internet.

Tyler Mohoric pursuit .jpg

Tyler Mohoric

Sales Manager

A native of Centrailia, (Not to be confused with Austrailia) Tyler comes from a family long involved in the dental industry. So it’s not entirely surprising that he found himself thriving in the sprits industry. After all, working at Pursuit is a far more social and joyful way to serve the mouths of the world. As a sales manager Tyler is an easy-going, knowledgeable evangelist and reliable resource for our partners around Washington. It’s his job to assure your personal pursuit of Pursuit products is always successful.

JT 2.jpg

Jonathan Thomas (JT)

Owner / Facility Management / Plant Operation

If you want to know how to make something out of metal and thin air without a set of instructions, JT is your man. That’s why he’s our partner and a founder of Pursuit where he heads up facility management and plant operations.  What does that mean?  Well, he’s fluent in building stuff and ensures the distilling equipment and mechanics of the plant are in a good mood so they distill and bottle our pursuits for your own. JT has been in the welding and fabricating industry for over 15 years and owns his own fabrication shop.  He has designed and built food, spirits, milk and beverage manufacturing plants all over the world. And he’s related to our still.

Andre - coat off shoulder - Pursuit.jpg

Andres Gonzales

Owner / Marketing

This is probably obvious, but maybe one of the most important skills you can have while starting a world-class distillery is in having a professional golfer on board. We read that book too.  Lucky for us Andres isn’t just a pro golfer but someone with the gravitas and eloquence to bring a voice to the countless bottles of Pursuit spirits that can’t do so for themselves. Andres lends his talents to the overall strategy, vision and helps make sure the brand is well represented in the world.




Mash is our resident distillery dog.  He spends his days stealing meals of spilt beer mash, napping, chewing on pallet wood, and goading Tyler into playing with him.  This two year old boxer is very chatty, and will definitely let you know if he’s feeling left out of the fun.  Mash has an irresistible puppy dog face and it’s impossible to remain mad at him.  His skills include playing well with kids, going to the bathroom outside, almost fetching a tennis ball, and clearing a room with post-digestive gifts.


Lindsay Hobert

Tasting Room Manager

When you come visit Pursuit’s tasting room, which we fully believe is on your bucket list, you may run into Lindsay Hobert. Her connection to spirits starts with her own spirit which could power a small town. Lindsay’s main focus will be on events and hospitality of which she is eminently qualified. She will also be inventing some new highly acrobatic and entertaining bartending moves of which her she may be less qualified. This fearlessness might be attributed to many things, but for now we’ll connect it to her fascination with coloring books which is all about drawing within the lines and on occasion, outside of them.




Always dressed up and looking smart in copper and stainless steel, Shekinah is perhaps the most important member of the team. Her name is an ancient reference to the divine glory of God. So, she was spiritually way ahead of her time. As our still, she works tirelessly and has the power to turn our crazy ideas into delicious distilled reality.  Shekinah is no ordinary still. Unlike more common pot stills that can only make single batches, she is continuous with four columns that align with her perfectionist attitude. She is a true, high-performance warrior that can run 24 hours a day.  Of course that can make her a bit ego-centric at times and sometimes hard to communicate with. But such is the temperament of a hard-working artist.